POLYWOOD Assembly Instructions

***PLEASE NOTE: Items not found in the list below may ship fully assembled and require no instructions.***

Adirondack Collection

ADBN-1 Classic Adirondack Bench 48"

ADRC-1 Classic Adirondack Rocker

AD5030 Classic Adirondack Chair

ADDC Classic Adirondack Dining Chair

ADGL Classic Adirondack Glider

ADSGL Classic Adirondack Glider Chair

TT4040 Classic Adirondack Tete-A-Tete

Captain Collection

CCB30 Captain Bar Chair

CCB25 Captain Counter Chair

CH7826-1 Captain Chaise Lounge

AC2678 Captain Chaise Lounge with Arms

Chippendale Collection

CB48 Chippendale Arm Chair

CB48 Chippendale Bench 48"

RKCB72 Chippendale Bench 72"

PWGL-CB Chippendale Glider 48"

Euro Collection

AT36 Euro Square Dining Table 36"

AT3672 Euro Dining Table 36"x72"

Kids Collection

SBD12 South Beach Adirondack Kid Chair

RKT38 Kids Dining Table 38"

Long Island Collection

ECA15 Long Island Adirondack Chair

ECD16 Long Island Adirondack Dining Chair

ECD24 Long Island Adirondack Counter Chair

ECC76 Long Island Adirondack Chaise Lounge

ECC76 Long Island Adirondack Rocker

ECT18 Long Island Adirondack Side Side Table 18"

ECT26 Long Island Adirondack Side Counter Table 26"

Mission and Club Collection

CLC23 Club Chair

CMC23 Club Mission Chair

CLC47 Club Settee

CLC71 Club Sofa

MS5743 Mission Loveseat

MS8143 Mission Sofa

CLT1836 Club Coffee Table

CLO23 Club Ottoman

CLT1818 Club Side Table

Nautical Collection

NCB40 Nautical Counter Chair

NCB46 Nautical Bar Chair

NCH38 Nautical Highback Folding Chair

NCL32 Nautical Lowback Folding Chair

NCC2280 Nautical Chaise Lounge with Arms

NAC2280 Nautical Armless Chaise Lounge - Stackable

NCRT3772 Nautical Counter Table 37"

NCBT44 Nautical Bar Table 44"

NB48 Nautical Bench 48"

NB60 Nautical Bench 60"

NCBT3772 Nautical Bar Table 37" x 72"

NCRT37 Nautical Counter Table 37"

NCT37 Nautical Dining Table 37"

NCBT37 Nautical Bar Table 37"

NCT31 Nautical Dining Table 31"

NCRT31 Nautical Counter Height Table 31"

NCBT31 Nautical Bar Height Table 31"

NCT44 Nautical Conversation Table 44"

NCRT44 Nautical Counter Table 44"

NCT4496 Nautical Dining Table 44" x 96"

NST Nautical Side Table 21" x 18"

NS48 Nautical Swing 48"

Park Collection

PST48 Park 48" Table

PT172 Park 6' Picnic Table

PH53 Park 53" Octagon Picnic Table

PBB48 Park Backless Bench 48"

PB48 Park Bench 48"

Rockford Collection

RKB48 Rockford 48" Bench

RKB60 Rockford 60" Bench

RKB72 Rockford 72" Bench

RKB24 Rockford Arm Chair

Seashell Collection

SH22 Seashell Adirondack Chair

SHD19 Seashell Adirondack Dining Chair

SHR22 Seashell Rocker

SHO22 Seashell Ottoman

SH18 Seashell Side Table

South Beach Collection

SBA15 South Beach Adirondack Chair

SBD30 South Beach Adirondack Bar Chair

SBD24 South Beach Adirondack Counter Chair

SBD16 South Beach Adirondack Dining Chair

SBR16 South Beach Adirondack Rocker

SBL30 South Beach Adirondack Lifeguard Chair

SBC76 South Beach Adirondack Chaise Lounge

SBT18 South Beach Adirondack Side Table 18"

SBT26 South Beach Adirondack Side Counter Table

Traditional Collection

GAC26 Traditional Garden Arm Chair

GNB24 Traditional Vineyard Arm Chair

GNB48 Traditional Vineyard 48" Bench

GNB60 Traditional Vineyard 60" Bench

BAB48 Traditional Backless Bench 48"

BAB60 Traditional Backless Bench 60"

GB48 Traditional Garden Bench 48"

PWGL Traditional Glider 48"

RT124 Traditional Round Dining Table 24"

RRT124 Traditional Round Counter Height Table 24"

RBT124 Traditional Round Bar Height Table 24"

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